Divorce With Dignity... Avoid A Lifetime Of Regret. 

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#1 Best Selling book Divorce: Taking the High Road shares actionable advice for creating a healthier divorce.
  • Don't battle it out in court. Wanting to win at all costs and believing that you will find emotional justice in the courtroom usually costs much more time and money, and often your anticipated outcome is never achieved. Learn the less adversarial and less costly divorce process that involves a team of divorce professionals who advocate for your best interest and serve as your best support system.
  • Avoid being bullied or taken advantage of. Learn the critical skills that will help you communicate more effectively, and make informed decisions throughout your divorce, ultimately leading to a more fair and balanced outcome.
  • Stop living in the past. Instead, see your divorce as an opportunity for transformative growth. Learn the simple strategies that will shift your mindset, maintain your dignity and consistently put your best self forth during and after your divorce.

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This unique book exemplifies one of the very tenets of divorce coaching itself – to get multiple points of view! Contained in this book is the collective wisdom and approach of 10 different master coaches. Reading each section, each of which illuminates a key concept, you will actually feel as if you are being personally coached. Each coach generously shares his or her knowledge and approach in a way that you can instantly apply to yourself to gain new perspectives and make powerful choices through emotional mastery. I wish I could have read a book this authoritative and supportive when I was going through my divorce. It’s a must-have now, for all of my clients.

Hanna Perlberger
Attorney, Mediator, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

For 15+ years, I have witnessed the terrible effect divorce has on self-esteem, dignity and moving on. My partner, a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator, and I recognized that the Divorce Coach was the missing professional in divorce and created a program to help others take the high road, restore dignity to the process of divorce, and inspire them to be their “best self”.

Each author uses these values to bring practical, actionable steps to help you take the high road and create a healthy divorce.

Pegotty Cooper
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Co-Founder, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Taking the high road in abnormal and often excruciatingly stressful circumstances is not easy. Stress alters who we are in the moment, and you might regret the things you say and do when you are in flight or fight mode, when you are “not yourself.” When divorcing, that regret is amplified by the negative impact of your actions on your family, on your children. Read this book to discover how to be your best self in your divorce. I will be purchasing this book in bulk to hand out to my clients from now on.

Joryn Jenkins, Esq.
Collaborative Attorney, Trainer, and Author
Founder of Open Palm Law

Meet the Authors...

Kimberly Mishkin
CGRS, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® 
SAS for Women®

Using Divorce As A Catalyst For A Better Life

After more than a decade in an abusive relationship, Kimberly Mishkin finally found the courage to stand up for herself and create a life without fear. In 2012, Kim opened SAS for Women® with her co-founder, Liza Caldwell. Trained as educators, grief counselors, and coaches, Kim and Liza strive to help women not only cope with - but really thrive - after divorce.

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Kira Wilson Gould
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Getting Unmarried

Shift Your Story - Change Your Life

Kira Wilson Gould is dedicated to helping people rewrite their “happily ever after.” With her background in psychology, writing and publishing, words have always fascinated Kira, and she uses the “divorce story” to help her clients move forward in a clear, conscious, and compassionate way. Kira offers private divorce coaching, group support, webinars and e-learning courses. 

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Marc Levey
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
Quantum Resolution Coaching

5 Steps To A Mindful Divorce

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Marc Levey is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Conflict Resolution Specialist and divorced father of three. As the founder of Quantum Resolution Coaching, Marc specializes in coaching highly competitive professionals through milestone transitions including high conflict divorce. With a background in Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, Marc is dedicated to helping his clients generate exceptional results by approaching high-stakes situations from a position of calm, clarity and confidence.

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Glenys Reeves
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, MA, CEC, PCC
Reeves Coaching & Consulting

Effective Communication

Glenys is a strong advocate of communicating effectively in all aspects of life, but knows this is especially challenging in conflict. Her years as a family mediator and now as a divorce coach has reinforced to her how important effective communication skills are. She believes that conflict can be a catalyst for positive change. By embracing it in a positive light and using effective strategies to resolve conflict, individuals can move forward through the transition of separation and divorce.

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Lori A. Burton-Cluxton
MSW, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® 
Advantage Point Coaching

Detoxing The Trauma of Divorce

Trusting that an individual is more the expert in their own life, Lori transitioned her counseling career into one of coaching. Lori passionately supports individuals, couples, parents and families through the different phases of conflict, decision-making, divorce, communication and healing. Her calling is to assist others in finding their strengths and their truth as they reach their goals.

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Pamela Y. Dykes
PhD, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, ACC
PD Coaching

The COMEBACK Roadmap

Pamela believes divorce does not have to be the end, it can be the beginning of a whole new wonderful life. She encourages “taking the high road” to get to your sweet spot and make a powerful comeback. Pamela has a PhD in Communication, and has studied divorce and mediation as well as participated in the divorce process both as a professional and a participant. Pamela seeks to follow the path of Harriet Tubman and show others the way to freedom and happiness.

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Lisa M. McNally 
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Divorce Mediator
Changing Times Mediation & Best Interest Coaching

Divorcing With Dignity

Lisa’s dedication is fueled by her desire to help minimize the overwhelm, fear, expense and destruction that divorce often has on families, and children in particular. Lisa has successfully helped hundreds of people minimize the conflict in their divorces, create civil relationships, establish effective parenting plans and re-design the futures they desire for themselves and their children. Lisa believes that education, improved communication skills, maintaining a future-focus and employing respect for all involved is key to her and her clients’ success.

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Marie Marhan Dropkin
CDC Certified Divorce Coach® 
Support In A Storm

Being The Captain Of Your Divorce Team

Marie watched close friends go through divorce and make devastating mistakes they came to regret for the rest of their lives. When she divorced, Marie wanted to make better choices - she knew she only had one chance to get it right. Her own experience, self-education and subsequent professional divorce coach training, provide Marie with the skills and motivation to help people focus forward and think straight during their divorce, remaining the decision-maker during their marital breakup.

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Tracy Callahan
MA, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Self-Empowerment Through Effective Decision-Making

Believing that conflict can actually be an opportunity - it's just about perspective - Tracy works with individuals and families to do just that...shift perspective. Tracy founded Mediating-Matters to provide families and individuals with quality, safe, child-centered mediation services as well as supportive divorce coaching with the goal of self-empowering individuals and helping them realize that they themselves have the ability to make decisions that are in their and their family’s best interest.

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Kurt Chacon
JD, CDC Certified Divorce Coach® 
Divorce Differently

Collaborative Divorce - The Biggest Secret For Access To The High Road In Divorce

Kurt was primarily a personal injury trial lawyer early in his legal career. He had experienced divorce as a child and as an attorney, but it was not until he experienced divorce as a spouse and parent that he changed the course of his career to embrace collaborative divorce and divorce coaching. His mission is to empower parents to put their children first and divorce differently and with dignity.

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As someone who has experienced the trauma of separation and divorce I wish that there would have been a resource such as this and access to a coach who could have assisted me to remain my Best Self as I maneuvered through what at times seemed like an overwhelming process.

Kara Johnston, B.Com., MBA(c)
Survivor / Thriver of Separation and Divorce

Powerful Insights From Today's Top Certified Divorce Coaches

Now available in eBook or paperback!

I am looking forward to recommending this book to clients. It holds the potential to redefine how divorce is viewed, managed and experienced by everyone involved. This is a realistic and hopeful perspective for anyone who needs help and clarity to navigate an entirely new chapter in their life.

Ariane deBonvoisin
Author of "The First 30 Days", speaker, coach, entrepreneur

So many clients arrive in my office believing their story demands they take revenge or seek "a pound of flesh" for what has been done to them. Witnessing their pain and watching the transformation to a new and often better life is a privilege that takes time and their best efforts. Divorce: Taking the High Road will allow them perspective upon why doing so is, in the long-term, much better for them and their children. The book is both about changing perspective, a mind shift, really, and changing the process too. Both components are clearly necessary to make divorce a more manageable and survivable experience.

Cherie D. Morris
CDC Certified Divorce Coach® / Life Transitions Coach

Everyone going through separation needs help. While people turn to lawyers and accountants, they most often need help from coaches. Coaches serve an indispensable role in helping people stay focused during a tumultuous time in their lives where they are receiving opinions from multiple sources. Coaches help people sort through all the chatter and stay true to themselves and their goals.

Celene-Rose J. Polischuk, B.A., J.D.
Collaborative Family Law Attorney

Divorce: Taking the High Road - Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce is a valuable resource for anyone contemplating divorce. Each expert Divorce Coach contributor provides insights, advice, and examples of real divorce challenges to help readers understand the myriad of options available to them through the coaching process. The book addresses a broad range of issues with proven solutions to ease the way through and beyond divorce for the best outcome for all!

Rosalind Sedacca, CLC
Divorce & Parenting Coach, Author & Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network

In as much as divorce is one of the darkest times of anyone's life, the wisdom offered by the contributors to this anthology is a bright light that illuminates a healthy path through this challenging life transition. People prepare for a year or more to marry, six months or more to run a marathon, and train years to become experts in a professional field. Anyone would be well served by taking the time to prepare well for what is likely the most significant life transition they will ever experience and Divorce: Taking the High Road is a powerful tool for getting ready to 'un-marry' in a way that preserves dignity and well-being for everyone involved.

Adina T. Laver
Founder of Divorce Essentials www.DivorceEssentials.net
Author: The Divorce Companion www.DivorceCompanion.com

With advice that is simple and yet has the power to transform a divorce into an empowering and revitalizing experience, this book shows us that a healthy divorce is achievable—and you don’t have to do it alone! A must-read for anyone who is considering or is in the process of getting a divorce.

Stacy Francis CFP®, CDFA™, CES™
President & CEO of Francis Financial & Founder of Savvy Ladies

This book provides its reader with the unique opportunity to apply the expertise and wisdom of multiple professionals to help navigate through the life changing experience of divorce. With its focus on maintaining grace and dignity as one's family is restructured, rather than descending into bitterness and destruction, its authors offer much-needed perspective for those of us who feel we are traveling this difficult road alone.

Lorin Josephson
Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Professional Ethicist
Founder of "Philosophies for Living” www.philosophiesforliving.strikingly.com

Proactively Navigate Your Divorce...Starting Now.

Today’s Top Certified Divorce Coaches share real-life client case studies as illustrations of empowering strategies you can use today to successfully navigate your divorce, and ultimately experience a positive and transformative divorce outcome, for yourself and your children.

Now available in eBook or paperback!